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Tumski Cup

On 18 September 2010 Oleofarm employees participated in the Tumski Cup dragon boat race.

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TV Senior Club

A new programme on the TVP Wrocław channel, in which experts from Oleofarm provide health advice.

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Medical conference

Medical conference "Current events in neonatology and paediatrics", Vega Hotel in Wrocław.

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New investment

New Oleofarm investment in Wrocław.

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Platinum Omega-3 fish - food suplement

Lookeina - food suplement

NOTE! According to Dr Budwig`s recommendations, the flax seed oil used in the diet developed by her should be stored at 4-10°C.
Only these storage conditions can ensure that all the oil`s properties necessary during dieting are preserved.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Some shops offer flax seed oils whose recommended storage temperature is higher, and this raises the suspicion that the oils have been obtained from genetically modified seeds. Long storage of flax seed oil for the Dr Budwig diet at higher temperatures causes the oxidation of valuable omega-3 acids and loss of the oil`s nutritional value.
KiD-Vitum - witamina K i D dla niemowląt D-Vitum Forte - witamina D dla dorosłych Biomegalin 3-6-9 - optymalna proporcja nienasyconych kwasów tłuszczowych Collaflex - optymalna sprawność ruchowa stawów

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